True Consulting


Need help with your Dealership’s performance? Can’t find the ‘right’ manager or procedures to get your dealership rocking in the Revenue ? If your dealership isn’t giving you the revenue results you deserve, let’s talk. If you’re ready to consider a no-nonsense professional to get your dealership on the right track to revenue, let’s talk. 

  My services are not the rechurned Video’s, CD’s, DVD’s, Webinars or Motivational speakers you’ve paid for already without the results you deserved. It matters that they used ‘one size fits all’ theories and convinced you they were the answer to your needs. 

I’ll tell you what none of the other consultants will. They didn’t really know how to help you. 

With my services, I will tell you the facts. The good, the bad and the ugly.

You get Ronnie , not some associate.


Notice that most of these ‘consultants’ are named “John Doe and Associates”? Who are their associates and what are their qualifications? If you follow the Job Boards as I have over years, you’ll see these ‘consulting’ companies are always looking to hire someone,anyone. I do not have associates. I personally come to your dealership for 21 days and I WILL find what the problems are and I know how to eliminate them. I do not ‘fix’ anything, I repair or mend the issues holding your revenue hostage. You get me, a real person with a proven record in turning around dealerships, training managers and sales people - to be super successful.

 Do you have the right Management in place to make your dealership run at peak performance? Or are you on the ‘Manager Merry-Go-Around’ where Managers come and go while you try to find a Superstar to lead your dealership to profitability? There’s many reasons why this happens and you’re not alone. With my experience and being at your dealership in person for two or three weeks, I analyze this and other issues. I will help train your current Managers how to ‘manage’ or assist you in finding a Manager that fits your dealership because they are a true leader.

I identify and correct issues and problems


Are you guilty of ‘Hanging on too Long’ ?  Too may Years at the dealership and/or a developed personal relationship with a Manager can create a situation where emotions equate to inability to let them go or return them to the Sales floor. You may not have the heart to fire them and meanwhile miss or loose potentially great Managers and personnel. You can become stagnant in hiring new employees and Sales Reps because they feel they can’t advance because ‘the word is on the streets’ is they can’t. And, believe me – ‘the word gets out’ 

I also provide Manager Mentoring. It has been my experience to witness many men and women advance into the role of GM or GSM with no real idea on how to perform the necessary duties. Many do not even know how to hold a appropriate sales meeting or managers meeting. I have a two-week process of Manager Mentoring and when I leave your dealership, you and your managers will have a clear understanding of how to lead and manage your teams to success. 

These are a few of the areas I evaluate to determine improvements that can be implemented to see your dealership to the next level UP:

1: The Sales Process

2: Sales Training (Is it good or bad?)

3: Management Team: Skills and Weakness

4: Internet, BDC Process and Skill Levels

5: Phone Skills (In-bound and Out-bound calls)

6: Morale in the Dealership

7: Dealership Ambience and Attitude (Sales and Service Customers)

8: Advertising 

9: Demographics

If you’re ready to have a no-nonsense professional come into your dealership and get it on the track to profitable success, let’s talk ! 

Ronnie Rozier